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Tips you need to know before buying hair loss shampoo in bulk

There are various reasons for hair loss such as genetic, diet, etc. There are any products in market which claim to cure hair loss or slow its progress or even growing new hair. You need to know different types of anti-hair loss shampoo before buying them. We want to help you choose the best product that works for you. In this article we will discuss the best hair loss shampoo that actually works for both men and women.

Before buying any shampoo for your problem, you need to know what we discuss below:

  • Choose products that are proven to work.

Try to search for shampoo that has a plenty of positive feedback. Don’t trust their advertisement. As you know, most of products that claim to slow your hair loss or even grow new hair are nothing than snake oil. You should trust those shampoos that have been proven to work clinically.

  • The main ingredient for hair loss shampoo is Ketoconazole.

All those shampoo that are helpful for hair loss have Ketoconazole in their ingredients. The reason why men lose their hair is because of follicle DHT-sensitivity. Ketoconazole is proven to solve this problem.

  • If you use shampoo that fits you, don’t change it.

You need to use a product for at least 6 months to see its result. Maybe you want to change your shampoo because it doesn’t work for you or maybe you think using a conditioner will solve your problem as soon as you wish but we recommend that you stick to the shampoo that is proven to work by many experts.

The main ingredients in every hair loss shampoo

Before buying any shampoo ,look for these ingredients we will talk about .Studies have shown that these ingredients are the main factor to slow the hair loss process that many women and men are experiencing. The main medications that are used to treat male pattern baldness are Minoxidil and finasteride.Some research indicate that Both 2% ketoconazole and minoxidil improved hair density and hair size too. Ketoconazole can be used for treating a fungus that is called Pityriasis that usually inhabits scalp.

  • Ketoconazole

It is the ingredient that is used in anti-dandruff shampoo. But studies have shown that, it can be effective for hair loss too. In order to get the most benefit of 2% ketoconazole you need to leave the shampoo on your scalp for three to five minutes. You have to use it for every two or four days.

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  • Caffeine

Although caffeine mostly used as a drink in morning, studies showed that it can reduce the suppression of hair-follicle that is produced by testosterone in males. Caffeine enhances the length of hair shafts and can prolong anagen duration. You need to know that drinking lot of caffeine won’t help make your hair grow. Scientists said that you need to drink at least 40 to 50 cups of coffee in order to have enough quantity of caffeine in your body to have any kind of therapeutic benefit for your hair loss because caffeine is easily diluted by the body .Beside this fact, drinking that amount of coffee will affect your body adversely .There are a lot of products available with caffeine the market that can applied to your hair root. The effect of some anti-hair loss medication will be restricted by hair follicles  but caffeine-included products like some hair loss shampoo can be used with no worry.

  • Biotin

Researchers have found that hair loss is a consequence of biotin and zinc deficiency. Biotin also called Vitamin B7.It is a main factor for a wide range of process in our body. Hair loss shampoo that has this compound help strengthening of hair. Biotin is an important component for hair follicle .You can get biotin from many food sources such as cooked eggs, peanuts, liver, cauliflower, bananas as well as hair loss shampoo.

  • Saw Palmetto

It is plant that Native Americans have been using it as a medicine for long time. It can be used for treating hair loss too. It is used as an herbal medicine to treat an enlarged prostate. This plant is used in hair loss shampoo.

hairloss shampoo


Does most hair loss shampoo work?

Actually the answer to this question is no. Many shampoo manufacturer claim that their products have  some ingredients that can stop hair loss so quickly and easily but most of the time their claim is false. You need to be careful about the hair loss shampoo o any other hair care products that you want to buy. You should know that your hair loss may have many important causes such as your life style and food .So using hair loss shampoo is one part of your treatment. You have to change your lifestyle in order to get the most benefit of hair loss treatment.

We want to introduce the 6 best hair loss shampoo for both men and women so you can choose the one that is suitable for you without thinking about whether their ingredients will help your hair loss or not.

  • Revita hair growth stimulating shampoo

By using this shampoo .not only your hair loss will be treated but also it will help it stimulates hair growth. There was a study of 500 men and women between the age of 18 and 55 .In this study 90% of participants who have been used Revita’s shampoo experienced a decrease in their problem while 85% had an improvement in their hair appearance.

Revita’s hair loss shampoo contains caffeine, biotin, ketoconazole, emu oil, vitamin B2 (is an antioxidant) and amino acids that are keys factor to structural function and elasticity to hair follicles. In this shampoo you won’t find harmful  chemical ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate ,a detergent that are used in many shampoo that can cause skin irritation ,dryness and also hair loss. Besides, there are natural component in this product that boost hydration to your hair and increases protein levels. Although it has many benefits but some consumers have said that by using Revita hair growth stimulating shampoo, their hair have been dried.

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  • Ultrax Labs Hair surge-Caffeine hair loss hair growth stimulating shampoo

The company of hair surge started since 2012 and has garnered a lot of attention .It was rated “the best shampoo for hair regrowth stimulation “in 2016.It is made for both men and women .a scarce caffeine-included shampoo for both sexes. The ingredient of this hair loss shampoo is programmed to maintain active on your scalp until they’re absorbed.Other  so-called hair loss shampoo will be washed away before it can have impact on your hair .Hair surge product is suitable for all types of hair and skin .This shampoo contain three main ingredients: saw palmetto ,ketoconazole and caffeine. As we mentioned, these are the major ingredients in any hair loss shampoo because they are so effective for hair loss and hair growth. This product is more expensive than the others.

hair loss shampoo


  • Nizoral A-D Anti-dandruff shampoo

This shampoo will wash flake away while keeping hair on your scalp. It is a powerful shampoo for even severe cases of pesky white flakes and also so effective for hair loss. The main ingredient in this shampoo that makes it so powerful is Ketoconazole. Ketoconazole, as we said before, will reduce hair follicle inflammation as a result hair loss will be stopped. This component can combats fungi which cause dandruff .It has been said that dandruff can cause hair loss but it is a hypothesis and hasn’t been proves scientifically yet.Nizoral’s A-D has 1 percent Ketoconazole .Nizoral can do three tasks simultaneously :

  • It washes away dirt from your scalp
  • It can kills fungal so can treat dandruff
  • It will block androgen receptor so deter hair loss

hair loss shampoo

For using Nizoral some cautions should be taken especially for those with sensitive skin. If it left for extended period such as 5 or more minutes on your scalp, it will cause rashes and irritation.



  • Lipogaine big 5 all-natural shampoo

This shampoo is newer addition to the Lipogaine product.It has five major ingredients that are: biotin, caffeine, argan oil, castor oil and saw palmetto. All of these ingredients will help to reduce hair loss. This shampoo doesn’t contain ketoconazole.Using big 5 all will help to strengthen and nourish hair and also prevent hair loss and thinning. Many organic ingredients are included in this shampoo such as rosemary oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil ,green tea and also cedar wood oil(this oil has some anti –fungal and anti-bacteria properties so it is effective for hair loss and promote hair growth). The big five can be suitable for both sex and also can be used on color-treated hair.

hairloss shampoo



  • Alepcin caffeine shampoo

The main ingredient in this shampoo, as the name indicates, is caffeine. Caffeine is an effective ingredient for hair loss.Many users have said that the effect of this shampoo can last long. Caffeine which is used in Alpecin absorbs into the scalp so it can cover the hair follicle easily from tip to root .You should leave it on tour scalp for a couple of minutes before washing it.It can nourish and stimulate hair follicles as a result, male pattern baldness will be treated.Using this shampoo will strengthen your hair root and also prevents follicles from falling out.Alpecin can be effective for other hair problem such as dandruff and itchy.


  • Classic Lipogaine Big 3 Hair loss preventing shampoo

Big 3 shampoo in compare to Big 5, contain Ketoconazole while big 5 have some natural ingredients such as argan oil and saw palmetto. Each of them has its own benefit. The major ingredients of big 3 are biotin or vitamin B7, castor oil and Emu oil. These ingredients will help defend against many skin problems such as inflammation and allergic reactions .Big 3 also moisturize the skin. Big 3 is mild and free from harmful chemical .It is suitable for all types of hair and also safe to use on color-treated hair.



When should we use hair loss shampoo?

  • As soon as your experience hair loss, you can use hair loss shampoo. Studies showed that near half of all men experienced hair loss by age 35.
  • Leave shampoo on your scalp for some minutes

The method by which you can use hair loss shampoo is like other regular shampoo .First, you wash your hair with water .Then you apply shampoo to your hair, massage it for a minute and rinse it. But there is a slight difference between hair loss shampoo and regular one, you have to leave hair loss shampoo for a couple of minute before rinsing. By following this advice ,hair loss shampoo will reach through the root of your hair and also your scalp .

  • Massage it in

By massaging well, shampoo will affect better on your hair and scalp. To let the ingredients soak in, you have to massage at least one minute. The other benefit of massaging is that, your scalp will be stimulated and it will spark dormant hair follicles to return to action.

How often should we use hair loss shampoo?

Hair loss shampoo is gentle so that you can use them two or three times a week. When you use Nizoral , you need to left it on your  for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing. You can use Nizoral shampoo for two or three times a week.

  • Before using any hair loss shampoo ,read the instruction and list of ingredients

When you read the instruction you will be aware whether it is suitable for you or not. Choosing the right shampoo will help your hair loss, on the other side, it will cause problems for your hair and skin .Always try to read the ingredients in order to make sure that there is no substance may cause an allergic reaction.

  • Consult with your doctor, before using any hair loss shampoo especially when you are pregnant. Although most of them are safe to use by mothers because their ingredients aren’t absorbed into the bloodstream.

Woman and hair loss

hairloss shampoo

Women as well as men will be diagnosed with hair loss and other skin problems. In the United States women make up approximately 40 5 of hair-loss sufferers. Although male pattern baldness is an acceptable fact in our society, hair loss for women is a weird and unacceptable problem .It will affect their psychological condition too.


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