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Paknaz Dishwashing liquid| Famous Brands of 2019

Paknaz dishwashing liquid is a liquid that is used to disinfect greasy dishes. Surfactants have been used in all types of dishwasher liquid to maintain product stability as well as perfume product.

Paknaz Dishwashing liquid| Famous Brands of 2019

dishwashing liquid ingredients and materials

dishwashing liquid ingredients and materials

dishwashing liquid ingredients and procedures as follows:All of the shock and hygiene products on the market can be eliminated by using specialized financial services, but they are also the best option they can have among those who can access you To provide you with.Both the dishwashing liquid and the toilet liquid have a similar appearance, but as the dishwasher name suggests, this liquid is used to wash dishes because it is possible to leave fine particles on the dishes that are easily cleaned. That is why it is not possible to clean the dishwasher much higher.Dishwashing liquid uses some acids which can cause allergies when exposed to the skin.

Basic ingredients of the formulation of accessibility

Surface control activity: Includes anionic cooperation such as sulfuric acid and texapone

Different software and sights: Like glycerin

Filtrates: sulfates, salts

Location Neutral: Caustic soda, such as the alkenoamines

Ingredients: Color and essence

Where to find wholesale Pak Naz dishwashing liquid?

Where to find wholesale Pak Naz dishwashing liquid?

Buying and selling different types of dishwashing liquid with different brands and mainly through the sales of different detergents.

Dishwashing liquid is one of the most used detergents, so it can be said that a detergent such as dishwashing liquid cannot be removed from the list of detergents used in homes.

Due to the high per capita consumption of all kinds of liquid dishwashers, this product is widely marketed in high and small packages at a much lower price.

In Iran, many brands can be introduced that are active in the production of liquid dishwashers. These companies have provided services to our dear compatriots by providing their products at factory door prices and through nationwide sales agencies.

Major buyers of liquid dishwashers can, after choosing the brand, either personally or indirectly, represent the product and make a purchase.

Dishwashing detergent:Formulated for industrial dishwashing as well as hospitals, hotels and restaurants and other dishwashing systems.This product is specifically designed for industrial dishwashers with high cleaning efficiency. It is highly capable of removing and removing stains, such as grease, starch, food pigments, and hard stains.

Dishwasher liquid Pak Naz brand suppliers

Dishwasher liquid Pak Naz brand suppliers

Yas Chemie Health Industries Company in Year 2 to Boost Hair Industry. Laundry and sanitation was established. The company is equipped with laboratories and advanced production line and is sold using extensive capillary distribution facilities.

Its products are marketed and sold in the detergent market under the brand name Pakenaz.

The products in this brand are versatile in their product range and packaging, and incorporate a special product in their product portfolio to meet a variety of people’s needs for detergents and hygiene.

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