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Baby Soap Sales Center in Iran

Baby Soap Sales Center in Iran a lot. But they all do not sell quality soap. And because the skin of children is very sensitive. Ladies should be careful about buying this soap.

Types of baby soap

Do you know how many soaps are? Baby soap has many different types. Here are some types of it:

  • Bath soap and w.c soap called tough soaps, to minimize alkalinity, are minimized in order to comply with body skin care, and in addition to natural, neutral, aromatic, color-coded, and softener, they are added to the skin.
  • Medicinal soaps are used to treat infectious skin diseases and skin fungi, in which substances such as boric acid, zinc oxide, iodine compounds, mercury chloride, copper acetate, diatomaceous earth, and thymol are used.
  • Transparent soaps containing glycerin, sugar and alcohol are clear, but have less cleansing power.

Baby Soap Sales Center

Features of quality baby soap

When mothers buy soap for washing their babies, all the mothers ask them what qualities of soap should be. In response to this question, we have listed several child care tips for baby soap:

  • soap for Baby washing
  • prevents drying the child’s skin
  • Smooth and softener
  • Contains olive oil and milk proteins for baby skin care
  • Lacks paraffin, paint and preservatives
  • Contains vitamin E and lanolin
  • Soothing and hydrating skin
  • Anti-inflammatory and repairing agents
  • Compatible with baby skin
  • Contains glycerin with a great moisturizer and softener and prevents skin peeling.
  • Contains coconut oil for soft skin
  • Contains castor oil to prevent dry skin
  • No sensitization in clinical trials
  • Suitable for children’s delicate skin

Baby Soap Sales Center

Best Soap Prices in Iran Market

First, let’s take a look at how to use baby soap:

  • Soak the soap, then wash the baby’s skin with it.
  • Avoid contact with the baby’s eyes

The best baby soap should have the following conditions:

  1. Contains milk protein
  2. Properties of softening, regenerating and maintaining skin moisture
  3. Contains lanolin to keep skin moisturizing and softening
  4. Contains coconut oil to prevent dry skin
  5. Suitable for adults with sensitive and dry skin

So the price of soap in the market depends on these conditions. If the soap has these conditions. The price is higher. Our company has the best soap price in Iran.

Baby Soap Sales Center

Baby Soap Sales Center in Tehran

There are several factors that make that. The child’s skin is more sensitive and thinner than adults. We refer to them:

  • Includes thinner skin epidermis layer
  • Lower thickness of the horny (superficial) skin
  • Lower collagen and elastin

Therefore, children’s soap should have the following characteristics:

  • Very gentle children soap
  • And with a pH appropriate to their delicate and sensitive skin
  • To wash your hands and body, you should use a soap that, in addition to good cleaning power, is gentle and does not eliminate the natural fat of the skin.

Well, now that you are familiar with a good soap. You need to go to buy the best Baby Soap Sales Center in Tehran. Our site is one of these centers.

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